Huawei 5623 Table Phone


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Don’t run your company without a landline, bring in the professional touch by having an office telephone. still very much a highly valued means of communication, its expedient that there are some very practical, and functional needs, especially when it comes to business and corporate needs that only landlines are ideal for because of the business advantage it offers compared to a mobile phone. the huawei gsm office table phone is classically designed ideal for office or home use. for functional and efficient landlines and gsm table phones, shop from our online store. enjoy great value, secure online shopping, safe payment methods and nationwide delivery.
remote locations: the phone works anywhere you can think of including villages and other remote locations. all you need is a gsm sim card like mtn in it.
efficient: gsm handsets are easily misplaced even in an office or home environment and this may happen when an important and urgent call need to be made or received.