LED Sirens Amber Light


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It has very loud signal this is led four feet escort/security/police/ambulance siren lights/hospital siren lights is very essential in times of emergency. the siren can be heard from distance allowing vehicles to get out of the way of the speeding emergency vehicle. the sound of the siren light alarm is very distinct and cannot be confused with any other types of emergency sirens. also this escort/security/police/ambulance siren light can be calibrated to output a louder signal when approaching heavy traffic or an intersection. as emergency vehicles are usually exempted from some traffic rules in case of emergency, it is important for police, hospitals, church, company and security escort to have this product to give out a loud signal when approaching an intersection in order to avoid an accident and give the driver’s time to move out of the way fast. it has 100 watts speakers, powered with a 120 watts multi-sound amplifier, capable of delivering 4 different sounds.