Mobile Bluetooth Printer


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Product Description:

It applies mobile products to supporting the use, and suitable for outdoor work environment It can print 58mm width thermal paper Paper dimension: 40mm High speed and clear printing

Built-in large capacity lithium battery, standby time can reach 5 – 6 days Auto-sleep and auto-awake, save electricity.
MPT-II 58mm mobile printer/ Portable Printer Mobile thermal printer Serila+USB+Bluetooth interface roll diameter:58 mm

• extreme exquisite lightweight structure design is easy to carry • easy paper structure is easy to use and maintenance

• equipped with large capacity rechargeable lithium battery 7.4V, 1500 Ma

• 1.2 meters cement ground height of fall Multiple wired and wireless interfaces optional

• support the client local program upgrade

• equipped with Windows computer end drive

• equipped with WM, WINCE, Symbian, presentation software and dynamic link library Android platform • with OLED display

• Bluetooth host function Applications:

• copy watch – electrical water meter charge •

Insurance – insurance field fast loss

• warehousing, inventory / distribution / warehousing • parking – confirm parking time charge of Statistics

• logistics, express transportation invoices / goods delivery order

• mobile sales – ticket / fast consumer goods such as mobile sales

• police and police / management / business field Enforcement / health supervision Parts