Tactical Security Jacket


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Wear this for training, hunting, fishing, swat & more. Features multiple storage compartments & removable chest piece & gun bag. This durable combat vest is made of high tensile strength Polyester, and has adjustable waist and shoulder system in place for the perfect fit.


By gluing and lapping it can be adjusted flexibly according to the size of the wearer.

Use rainproof fabric.

The utility model is composed of buffering material and stab proof material and is divided into a close fitting surface and a barbed surface and the reverse sleeve is strictly forbidden.

The inner liner and the outer garment can be split the inner container is strictly forbidden to be washed and chemical corrosion and the outer sleeve is not to be washed at high temperature.

In line with the relevant standards anti thorn area of more than 0.3 square meters at high temperature at room temperature and low temperature can effectively prevent the piercing of the weapon.